Fetish Glossary

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Fetish Dictionary


Use the fantasic fetish search glossary below, and then you can go VERY specific NICHE searching at the famous Booble search engine for your free adult links. All served for free by Booble to a desktop computer near you via cables, wires, and over the fantastic internet that brings us pervy people together:)

69 (sixty-nine) – Man and woman giving simultaneous oral sex to one another by creating this figure.

96 (ninety-six) – Man and woman farting on each other’s heads simultaneously.

AC/DC – Bisexual male/Australian rock band

AGALMATOPHILIA – Sexual arousal from statues or mannequins. Sometimes known as PYGMALIONISM

AMATEUR – Like in sports, amateur porn features individuals who are not professional porn stars. It features ordinary individuals partaking in every day sexual acts. Girl/boy next door, wives/husbands, girlfriends/boyfriends. Sometimes real amateurs but quite often professional models just pretending.

ANAL – Anal insertion with finger, penis, or toy.

ANALINGUS – Licking around the anus, rimming, or inserting the tongue into the anus.

ANGEL KISS – Performing on a woman while she is menstruating.

ANIME – Graphical representation of sexual images – which sounds a bit stuffy, but describing anime as “sexy cartoons” just does not do justice to this art form. See hentai. Anime refers to any high quality animated work. In the porn world, it is animated softcore porn.

APHRODISIAC – A device that stimulates sexual arousal, usually a drug. See also SPANISH FLY.

ASIAN – Oriental women or men.

AUTOEROTICA – Self induced arousal from fantasies, pornographic materials, or other erotic aids.

BABES – Usually softcore, this niche features girls that are considered to be blessed by God with respect to their physical features. Beautiful and young female models.

BALLOONS – The exact nature of this niche is still in question but it is believed to consist of models posing with balloons, sitting on them, straddling them and rubbing the balloons over their bodies.

BALLSTRETCHING – Wrapping the scrotum with some kind of leather strap tightly and pulling down with increasing pressure.

BBW – Big Beautiful Women. Need I say more?

BDSM – Bondage/Domination/Sado-Masochism. This niche encompasses all three of these sub-niches.

BEAR – A large, hairy, gay man

BINDING – Wrapping the feet or genitals with string, rope, or lace.

BI-SEXUAL – Individuals who are attracted to the both sexes. In terms of porn, it just means women.

BONDAGE – use of restraints or blindfolds to increase sexual stimulation. Sexual acts involving tying people up with all sorts of things including but not limited to chains, ropes, and scarves. Restricting a partner’s movement with ropes or other devices.

BOOBS – Sites which focus on the breasts – usually large ones.

BOTTOM – A submissive in S&M

BOY – A ‘daddy’s’ ‘bottom.’

BUCKING BRONCO – Anal version of the RIDE ‘EM COWBOY

BUKKAKE – This is an ancient Japanese art form. It is when a group of men gather around a woman and ejaculate on her face.

BUTTERFLY – Man laying woman on her side and spreading her legs, then kneeling in front of her and penetrating.

CBT – Cock and Ball Torture.

CELEBRITIES – This niche portrays celebrities in a sexual manner, whether they are “fakes” or the real thing.

CHASTITY BELT – A metal or leather belt used to prevent genital penetration, particularly on a female.

COCK RING – A metal or rubber “ring” placed around the balls and cock of an engorged male to maintain an erection. Note: Shave off ALL of your pubic hair before you put on rubber cock rings. Trust me.

COMPILATION – Videos that are made of scenes from other movies. These can be rip-offs so buy at your own risk and stay away from Leisure Time Productions.

CONDOM – Denotes the use of condoms in the scene.

CORSETTING – Modifying one’s body for the sole purpose of restricting oxygen intake by utilizing a corset which wraps around the midsection and tightens.

COUPLES – Two people having sex – or at least appearing to!

COWGIRL – Sex position that has the man lying on his back and the girl sitting on top and facing his head Reverse Cowgirl has the girl facing his feet.

CREAM PIE- A girl with cum dripping from the vagina.

CUB – A smaller, yonger, often submissive man who likes ‘bears.’

CUM – Industry term for semen.

CUM SHOT – Male ejaculation usually in or on a woman’s or man’s face or body. See facials.

DISCIPLINE – Verbal role playing.

DOGGY – Sex position where girl is on her hands and knees and the man is behind .

DOGGY STYLE – Woman on all fours mounted from behind.


D/S – Dominant/submissive role playing or lifestyle.

DONKEY- A man with an unusually large penis.

DOUBLE PENETRATION (DP) – this could consist of ; two penises in the vagina, two penises in the rectum, or any combination.

EBONY – This niche is made up of pornographic content involving only black individuals. Sex between a black person and a person of another ethnicity belongs in the interracial niche.

ENGORGER – A gay ‘Feeder.’

EROTICA – Erotica consists of softcore movies and pictures targeted at couples or females, often including a romantic storyline, and not showing any penetration.

EXHIBITIONISM – Arousal from being watched in a sex act with or without consent.

FACIAL – A facial is a pretty way of describing the act in which a male ejaculates on a female’s face. In gay porn, it can be a male ejaculating on another male’s face.

FEED THE KITTY – Inserting food objects into a vagina.

FEEDER – One who has a fetish for fat women and feeds his partner, often encouraging her to gain more weight.

FILLING THE POOL – Cumming in your partner’s belly button

FISTING – The pornographic art of sticking a fist (or five fingers) in one’s vagina or anus. This act is considered illegal in many countries, including the United States.

FLUFFER- A girl used to stimulate male talent through oral sex before they go on camera.

FOOT FETISH – This is the one fetish that people either love or find revolting. It is an obsession with feet, either in a sexual manner (ie – touching genitals, toes inserted, etc.) or just pictures or clips of people’s feet.

GANGBANG – When four or more guys fuck one woman at the same time taking turns filling her every hole and cumming on/in her.

GAY PORN – For men (or women) who like men.

GIGGLER- Euphimism for pussy.

GIRL/GIRL – sexual contact between women during a sex scene.

GLORY HOLE – A hole in a partition that allows a person on the other side to engage in a sexual activity. Usually a hole in a bathroom stall used for oral sex.

GOLDEN SHOWER – Urinating onto another person for mutual gratification.

GONZO – An adult genre where the performers acknowledge the presence of the camera or there is the use of a “talking camera”. Normally there is no storyline or plot, but there may be a theme such as large breasts, anal, newcomers etc.

GOTH – Sometimes referred to as vampire sex, the goth niche is pornographic content that contains some gothic element to it. The models will sport black hair, white skin, dark make-up, and black garments. In it’s extreme form, it can portray people actually sucking blood.

GROUP – More than two people involved in any form of sexual activity.

GUNBOATS – Hard, protruding, elongated nipples.

HAIRY – In gay porn, this refers to men engaged in sexual activity who are particularly hairy all over. In hetero porn, it refers to females with unshaven and overly hairy genital regions.

HAMMER – An extremely beautiful woman, a nine or a ten.

HARDCORE – Explicit images or movies of couples or groups of people having sexual contact and penetration of any orifice.

HARNESS – Body harnesses used in suspension or penis restriction or straps worn to support a dildo for penetrating another partner.

HENTAI – The original meaning of hentai is metamorphosis or transformation. In modern Japanese it means pervert or perverted. Like anime it includes graphical representation of sexual images but unlike anime, which is regarded as softcore, hentai is more hardcore in its representations.

HERMAPHRODITE – Person with both male and female genitilia.

INSERTION – This niche consists of people inserting all sorts of objects into just about every hole in their body that is sexually related.

INTERCOURSE – regular male/female intercourse in varying positions such as missionary, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, etc.of penises and toys in the vagina and rectum simultaneously.

INTERRACIAL – involving partners of different races. Most commonly refers to a black person with a partner of any other race.

INTERNAL CUMSHOT – The guy cums inside the girl’s vagina, usually followed by a shot of the jism being expelled.

IP – Internal pop shot.

KEGEL – Named after the Kegel exercise, the flexing of the pelvic muscles that control orgasm and inner vaginal muscles for tightening.

KOKIGAMI – A Japanese art where the penis is wrapped of in crumply paper and made to look like a dragon or a goose.

LATINA – In both hetero and gay porn, the latina niche involves individuals of Spanish descent either posing or engaged in sexual activity.

LOONER – A balloon fetishist. Looners use balloons in sex play with partners, but more often, prefer simply humping the balloons themselves. There are two groups of looners: poppers who prefer that the balloons pop, and non – poppers, who do not.

LOOPING – Repeating a portion or portions of the scene in order to make it 12-15minutes. Audio can also be looped.

MASTURBATION – Images of self stimulation particularly the genitals – see toys.

MATURE – In hetero porn, this is usually a women or couple over the age of 40. In gay porn, it is most often sex involving a man that is older than 40. A popular emerging sub-niche of the mature niche are MILFs or Sexy Moms.

MILF – Mom I’d Like to Fuck – hot older chicks

MISH – Short for missionary, man on top, face to face.

MISSIONARY- Standard sexual position, man on top, sex 1.0. Mish-

MONEYSHOT- Male ejaculation captured on film..

MONKEY FUCK- Anal sex.

MUMMIFICATION – A person subjected to mummification is completely wrapped up, often in regular seran-wrap.

NIPPLE CLAMPS- Metallic or rubber devices that attach to the nipples and pinch them provoking pain and pleasure simultaneously.

ORAL – Oral sex.

ORGY – sex scene involving five or more people in which partners are exchanged.

OUTDOORS – This involves people posing or having sex outside.

PANTIES – This niche features girls, usually young looking ones, posing in their panties. The panties are usually white or innocent looking styles.

PEARL NECKLACE – As boring as they come, shooting a wad of freshly milked goo onto a woman’s neckline and breasts thereby simulating a string of pearls.

PIGGY – A “heavy” sub(missive) who can take a lot of pain and likes to show off.

POCKET ROCKET – A brand of a small vibrator with hard, nubby ends popular with porn stars and used frequently in blue movies.

POP SHOT – When the man cums.

PREGNANT – Heavily pregnant women.

PUFFY – Term referring to a protuberance or bulge in the nipple region of the breast. Specialist breast sites go in for images of puffies, banana boobs (referring to their curved shape) and huge nipples amongst many other mammarial peculiarities.

RAINCOATER – Person who buys hardcore pornography/you.

RED HEADS – Red headed babes – see babes.

REVERSE COWGIRL – Woman facing away from man while sitting on his cock, ideal for great hardcore shots.

REVERSE GANGBANG – When four or more girls fuck one guy.


RIMMING – Licking around the anus.

SADO-MASOCHISM – S and M is basically role-playing by two or more willing partners. It usually involves playing out fantasies with the use of ties, props, etc.

SERIES – Lots of pictures of the same person/people in the same place at more or less the same time. The best series are usually to be found on good paysites which have hundreds (even thousands) of models each with their own section containing collections of their images.

SHEMALE – Chicks with dicks – boys with breasts. Softcore – Images or movies of men or women, either singly or together, naked or partially clothed. Pictures may include genitals but usually without objects being inserted (see toys) or sexual contact.

SPOONS – Man cradling woman from behind while fucking.

SNAKE BITE – The application of a suction cup to the skin as part of S&M.

SQUIRTING – Female ejaculation.

TADPOLING – When an older woman screws a man at least ten years her junior.

TEABAG – sucking on a man’s balls. Usually performed by “dipping” into a woman’s face.

TEENS – These are girls that pose or engage in sexual activity that either are or appear to be nineteen or under.

TOONS – Short for very sexy, very adult cartoons. See anime and hentai.

TOYS – Sexual acts that involve the use of sex toys. Objects like vibrators, fruit, dildos or just about any object you can imagine being inserted into the vagina or anus. Related to masturbation.

TWINKIE – A gay male that takes it up the ass and lets men come inside of him, hence the cream filling. The gay equivelent of a cream pie.

UPSKIRT – Upskirts are camera shots that go up a female’s skirt, often in exhibitionism or voyeurism scenes.

VEGGIE SCENE – An all girl scene, no meat.

VOYEURISM – A voyeur is a person who finds it arousing to watch others without their consent. Therefore, voyeurism is watching someone who “supposedly” does not know that they are being watched.

VIAGRA – The “little blue buddy”. A pharmeceutical aid created by Pfizer to treat male impotence that constricts the flow of blood in the male sexual organ sustaining arousal and prolonging ejaculation by suppressing sensitivity. The backbone of the porno biz.

VINTAGE – Do you have sweet memories of those dog-eared porn mags you hid under your bed as a teenager? Well, all that stuff is now vintage porn – and some of it is very nice second time around! Vintage also incudes erotica your grandparents kept under the bed.

WATERSPORTS – Urination. See golden shower. Womens’ porn – Adult sites which offer pornographic and erotic material directed at women.

YOGA – A man giving head to himself, auto-fellacio.