Fetish Friends

PLEASE NOTE: A more comprehensive page will soon be available here as my free fetish community contribution. Please take my friendly advice seriously: Only surf on SAFE and CLEAN sites like these sites, forums, fetish bbs boards, tgp sites, link dumps and blogs (web logs).

This page is still under construction, please be patient with me!
I am working on making a super cool resource page for all the kinky perverts out there like me:)

Fetish Engine

The definitive guide and search engine for fetish & BDSM lifestylers….
I actually CREATED the Fetish Engine, five years ago, and now it’s run by a good friend of mine.

Extreme Board

A board and forum for the lovers of various EXTREME perverted fetish niches. Quality links, not for the faint hearted surfers!

Dark Dungeon

Good BBS and BDSM forum provided by the great Silent Screams, with extreme BDSM as the main topic. High quality, 100% clean.

Fetish Town

A large link site featuring a lot of fetishes. Links to paysites, free sites and AVS sites.

Silent Screams

This site is NOT for sissies! Bizarre and extreme BDSM links and picture post. Also, a great fetish forum for lovers of the bizarre stuff.

Fetish freak Show

NEW: A great place in the darker corner of the web, featuring fetish galleries, BDSM and bizarre galleries. Also on topic: Goth, femdom, granny, pantyhose, pissing and much more. Enjoy!

Sickest Sites

Warning !!
By entering this SICK (but yet interesting site), you are now 100% aware that it’s depraved, obscene and… The sickest stuff collected from the Net... Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Pervert Pictures

Pervert Pictures is a fine site for surfing pervert pictures and fetish, bdsm related stuff. Also a fine BBS where you can post your coments and chat with other fetish lovers…

The Fetish Chat

This is a clean, nice place to chat with other fetish lovers. It’s about the perverted fetish stuff on the Net, and here you can find others who like to share your fetish interests with.

Giga Galleries

Gigagalleries is one of the world’s largest and oldest thumb sites, more images than you could watch in a week. It’s GIGA large.

Tiava Help page

Tiava’s great place, one of my personal favourites. Tiava has a very fine SAFE SURFING help page here. Super page with all tips on safe and clean surfing!

Fetish Bank

Fetish Bank has been on the Net ever since 1999 and it has a good reputation as a fetish niche resource.

Becky’s Dungeon

This is the homepage of Becky, a lovely female slave who is also quite an exhibitionist. I love this site and I’m a great fan of Becky.

Gloria Brame

Dr. Gloria Brame – she has collected virtually thousands of free pages on kinky sex, poetry, Internet Society and culture. Fetish and BDSM oriented site, here you will find info related to practically all fetishes.


Welcome to my new Fetish Forum for Lovers of All Fetishes. One of our fundamental, global human rights is Freedom of CLEAN SURFING.

I always love serious feedback!

If you think your quality site belongs here, feel free to write me a note with your URL and a short describtion. This page is only for hard linking top quality sites and TOP fetish resources.

WARNING: This is extreme & pervert: A Fetish Love site explicitly for ADULTS ONLY! I provide links to preview thumbs, bizarre fetish galleries, extreme sex pictures and videos that may seem highly obscure and offensive to some people. Now you are warned.
If watching or practicing bdsm, fetishes, or if viewing extreme fetish images or other content is illegal for you in your state or region, then please –
You must leave NOW! Try my true love for searching quality sites, the only fetish search engine that Google relies totally on: Dmoz.org